Where Endings are New Beginnings

strangers_now_roundWelcome to my playpen. I’m Jackie Keswick, a writer of suspense, romantic suspense and historical fantasy fiction.

I grew up reading and writing historical fiction, before progressing to sci-fi and thrillers. They’re still some of my favourite ways to relax. More recently, I’ve started to read and write m/m romantic suspense. I’ve no real idea how that happened, but I’m loving it!

I’m also a

  • compulsive reader and writer with far too many unread books on her shelves and kindle and far too many unfinished stories in her WiP pile
  • England history and food nut
  • Tandem and TVR aficionado
  • Cat Lover
  • Enthusiastic manga novice

Since you’re already here, why not come and meet my Dream Team and all the other characters prowling around in my head? Jack Horwood and Gareth Flynn, Aidan Conrad and Alexandra Marston, Rafael Gallant, Skylar Payne, Daniel Sears and Nico Rivers, and the enigmatic Julian Nancarrow, CEO of Nancarrow Mining. All ready to step in when the law needs help. Because, you know,

When there’s trouble and the law  needs help…
There’s the Dream Team.

Thanks for your company,
Jackie Keswick

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